Designated Assessment Centre (DAC) Selection Guideline

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​​May 10, 2004


As outlined in Bulletin No. A-08/04, there is a new process for selecting a Designated Assessment Centre (DAC) under section 53 of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). The revised Guideline [PDF Document] Size: ## kbdescribes the process to be used to request that the Superintendent select a DAC when required by the parties in a dispute. Please review the Guideline before submitting a request.


This on-line DAC Selection Request System must be used for all referrals to DACs on or after May 10, 2004, when the parties are unable to agree on a DAC to conduct the assessment. This Guideline and section 53 of the SABS apply to all such referrals regardless of the date of the accident.

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