Filing Guidelines for Automobile Insurance Manuals

Filing Requirements

Insurers are required to submit an Automobile Insurance manual (the manual) filing following:


  1. approval of changes to rating rules, definitions, territorial/rate group assignments, and discounts and surcharges
  2. approval of changes to endorsement rates or rules
  3. approval of changes to underwriting/declination rules (if such rules are contained in their manual)

A manual filing must be submitted within 30 days after approval of risk classification systems, endorsement rates or rules or underwriting/declination rules in electronic format through FSCO’s web-based filing system ARCTICS. Failure to submit a manual filing can be treated as a compliance matter and the insurer may be subject to further regulatory action by FSCO.

The manual filing submission should follow these requirements:


  • Appendix A and Appendix B of these Filing Guidelines must be completed. Appendix A can be found on ARCTICS.
  • Appendix B (Certificate of an Official) [PDF Document] Size: ## kb must accompany each manual filing. Any official (e.g. Automobile Manager, Underwriting Manager) who has knowledge of the company’s manual may sign the form.
  • A complete manual filing for all categories of insurance written by the insurer is required. Rate tables/pages are not required; all other sections are required.
  • Files should be organized in a logical order and labelled descriptively.
  • All manual pages must be numbered and include section references (if applicable)and effective dates.

Automobile Insurance manual filings must be submitted by using our web-based filing system called ARCTICS. If you require a password, please contact the “ARCTICS Main Contact” for your company who can arrange for access.


If any information cannot be submitted through ARCTICS due to size restrictions, you may send the CD/DVD/memory stick version to FSCO at the address listed below. In this case, an electronic filing must still be created in ARCTICS, stating under the Comments field what information is being sent by mail and in what format.


Financial Services Commission of Ontario
Automobile Insurance Services Branch
Rates and Classifications Unit
5160 Yonge Street, P.O. Box 85
Toronto ON M2N 6L9

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