Notice - Filing of 2017 Annual Return for Ontario - Ontario incorporated farm mutuals

Pursuant to Section 102 of the Insurance Act (Ontario), all insurers licensed in the Province of Ontario are required to file annual returns for the year ended on October 31, 2017 or December 31, 2017, no later than February 28, 2018. In this regard, pursuant to Section 3.2 of the Agreement dated March 30, 2000 between the Superintendent of Financial Services of Ontario and Ontario Mutual Insurance Association (“OMIA”) the annual statement of each insurer is required to be filed with OMIA on or before the above noted date.  


Detailed information is available on the Annual Returns and Instructions page of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website at  You will find updates regarding:


  • 2017 Annual Return Instructions
  • Memorandum regarding the 2017 Report of the Actuary
  • Filing Requirements for Insurers Licensed in Ontario
  • Avoiding over-assessment for companies with insurance subsidiaries

Required forms are also available for download:


  • Premium Information used for Cost Assessment in Ontario
  • Consent and Notification pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Helpful resources on updated forms and instructions are also available on The Office of Superintendent of Financial Institution’s [New Window] website.


The Filing Requirements for Insurers Licensed in Ontario details the forms and reports required by Ontario.  We request that the 2017 annual returns be delivered in an electronic copy format (pdf, excel, ASCII file) as applicable versus a paper format as part of our process improvement measures.  All Section 102 filings should be forwarded to by February 28, 2018.


At this time we wish to remind you that Interim Returns to be filed with OMIA are due as follows:


​Period Ended​Due Date
​March 31​May 15
​June 30​August 15
​September 30​November 15


If you have questions, please contact Karolina Prominski, Ontario Mutual Insurance Association at 519-622-9220 x2155 or