Find a job with a pension plan

Nine images appear in rapid succession across the screen with sound effects.

[Toast pops up from toaster].

[Butter is being applied to toast].

[A man is typing on a computer keyboard].

[On a website, he clicks on a button with the words “Apply now” on it].

[He tightens his tie].

[A document with the words “Job offer with a pension plan” is slid across the table to him].

[He reviews his job offer with a pension plan].

[He signs the employment contract].

[Happily, he puts on his sunglasses].

The words “Find a job with a pension plan” come up on screen”.

The words “Workplace pensions + government plans like CPP + personal savings = comfortable retirement” come up on screen.

The words “Visit to learn more” are seen on screen at the end.