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How to Get FSCO's What's New by Sector RSS Feeds

  1. Click on the orange RSS button for the feed you want (usually located in the top-right of your content panel).
  2. Copy the feed's URL and paste it into the appropriate field of your RSS Reader.
  3. As new stories for feeds you have requested are added to the FSCO News on Demand RSS, they will be automatically fed to your RSS reader.

What is RSS?


RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) sends all of your news to one place. You no longer have to check websites one by one to see if they have been updated with new content, because the RSS feed does the work for you! For example, if you are interested in Insurance new releases, it eliminates having to check the site regularly for updates. RSS feeds deliver only the content you want to you directly.


How to Use RSS Feeds


RSS feeds can be pulled together in two ways:


  1. Through a web-based reader: A feed reader is a free web-based service. It brings your selected RSS feeds from different websites to a central personalized site that you log into. Browser-based readers let you read your subscriptions from any computer, much like a web-based email service, such as Hotmail.
  2. Through desktop software you download and install: A downloadable feed reader works like a web‑based reader, but exists on your computer, much like an email client, such as Outlook.